BMW i Models Overview

Luxury and sustainability are two things you might think would be at odds with one another, but that's definitely not true of the BMW i models. They are among the most popular luxury electric vehicles on the market today.

One thing that makes the BMW i Series unique is its construction. It is made with a framework of carbon fiber reinforced plastic to provide all the strength of steel with only half of the heft. In addition to that, it comes fully equipped with fine leather upholstery in the interior that has been specially tanned with olive leaf extract…
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BMW 6 Series Overview

The BMW 6 Series is the best version of the model so far with new tech features and a more powerful engine. The latest 6 series goes up to 600 horsepower with the 650i, but you get a lot of horsepower in the base as well, with up to 300 horsepower. There are also a variety of different trims and upgrades that you can get with the vehicle as well. The convertible is probably the highest level of luxury, but there are a variety of premium upgrades to add as well.

You can upgrade to the premium trim to get…
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BMW 4 Series Overview for 2018

Have you seen the latest from BMW? The 4 Series is one of the best vehicles on the market for luxury small cars. In terms of price, you get a lot of value for the features and engines. At standard, there are a ton of features included, like the all new suspension, reworked infotainment system, and safety features. The new cameras and sensors on the 4 series offer a lot of power. You can see your blind spot, get lane departure warnings, and traffic alerts all through the LCD monitor in the center console.

You can see that the engineers…
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One of a Kind -- BMW X1

Looking to start the summer right by purchasing a new luxury SUV, then the all-new BMW X Models are a new line of luxury SUV’s you should look at. The BMW X Models are a popular brand of luxury SUV and below are two reasons why:
  • Passenger Comfort- the BMW X1 provides maximum passenger comfort with spacious headroom and adjustable seats. Don’t let its compact size fool you, the BMW X1 has passenger seats that slide and recline making equally as comfortable as the front seats.
  • Intelligent All-Wheel Drive- the BMW X1 comes with available intelligent all-wheel drive…
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Spend some time with the new BMW 3 Series at Bert Smith BMW

The BMW 3 Series is the pinnacle of the small, luxury sedan market. Since debuting on racetracks all around the world, the 3 Series has made an indelible mark on the small car market. You can find a BMW 3 Series in every world city. Not only are 3 series loved for their performance, they are also renowned for their forward thinking yet classic design features.

The exterior styling on the BMW 3 Series has changed over the past few years. Gone are the rounded edges and minimalist lights. The new 3 Series comes with more aggressive headlights and styling…

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Experience the BMW 2 Series

The name BMW remains synonymous with style and elegance. The popular new 2 Series coupes and convertibles uphold the reputation for excellence. However, the BMW does not disappoint when it comes to power. The impressive 335 horsepower engines enable you to go from zero to 60 in little over four seconds. Sport-styled steering technology ensures the vehicle handles like a star. Customize your 2 Series with a stylish moonroof or the attractive sports package.

The cockpit was specially designed with driver convenience in mind...

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See What the BMW 7 Series Offers

Luxury vehicle owners appreciate the style and elegance that comes with the BMW. The latest 7 Series models do not disappoint. However, luxury does not mean a lack of power. The full-sized sedans come with your choice of an inline V6 or a turbocharged V12. Simply choose the amount of muscle you want. The advanced technology ensures you get the smoothest ride possible thanks to the internal mechanisms that automatically adapt to your driving habits, road conditions and navigation needs.

The grilles on the 7 Series are designed for more than just stylish looks. A series of flaps hide...

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Tread Wear is No Laughing Matter

Your vehicle tires provide support and traction for your car. In order to operate properly, they need to be regularly rotated and inspected for damages.

Regular tire rotations can prevent the appearance of uneven tread wear. Under normal circumstances, well-balanced tires wear out evenly and slowly. In contrast to this, poorly balanced or inflated tires can develop areas of abnormal wear. This kind damage can cause tires to lose traction at key moments, and may even contribute to complete tire failures.

Tire rotations prevent the onset of uneven tread wear. By rotating tires on regular


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Big Difference Between Powertrain Warranty & Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

Drivers want to feel confident that they are protected by a good solid warranty but what's the major differences between the powertrain and bumper-to-bumper? Check out the major differences below.

Powertrain covers special component that brings power to the wheels such as engine, transmission, and differentials. This would also include the driveshaft as well as velocity joints. Components that wear out aren't included in fluids, battery, and clutch for manual transmission. Bumper-to-bumper warranty usually covers things such as air-conditioning, audio, and electronics...

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The Telltale Signs Your Exhaust Is Leaky

Problems with a vehicle's exhaust can develop gradually over time or seem to happen suddenly, depending on the nature of the failure. Exhaust pipes and mufflers corrode over time and can get louder as small holes develop, or your muffler can fall off and make your car sound like it's on a racetrack.

Usually, a car owner can detect exhaust system failures before they happen by paying attention for a few telltale signs. The most obvious sign is increased noise from your exhaust system, which can include hissing, popping, and engine noise. You'll also notice a loss…

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