BMW Has One of the Best Certified Pre-Owned Programs Available on the Market Right Now

Many manufacturers offer certified pre-owned programs for their used vehicles. As long as a vehicle passes a very intricate inspection process completed by the dealership service center, the used vehicle can be listed as a certified pre-owned vehicle. This inspection looks at more than 100 parts of a vehicle.

In addition to the reliability an inspection provides, BMW also provides a very comprehensive warranty. You get 1 year with unlimited mile coverage after the expiration of the 4 year and 50,000-mile warranty. You also get 24/7 travel protection through the BMW Roadside Assistance program. You can extend your coverage for a fee after it has run out.

If you're trying to adhere to a very tight budget, certified pre-owned BMW models are far more affordable than a brand-new model that has just come from the assembly line.



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