BMW 2 Series Overview and Features

Have you seen the latest from BMW? The 2018 2 Series has been ranked in the top 10 of luxury small cars, which is one of the more competitive markets. Known for fine-tuned engineering and precision driving, BMW has done some incredible work with the latest design of the 2 series. Not only is it a sleeker version of the previous model, it has new trunk space and an incredible engine, even at the base. The engines allow you to go from 248 horsepower at the base to 365 horsepower.

There are also multiple driving modes that you can select with the latest 2 Series. This means that you can flip between RWD and AWD, getting the most power or fuel efficiency when you do so. In fact, the 2 Series is noted for being the most fuel efficient in the new BMW lineup. You can get up to 35 miles per gallon on the highway.

While the 2 series is probably the smallest BMW, the speed and price make up for it greatly. You should test drive to see what you think of the 2 series and get into one today. Stop by Bert Smith BMW located in Saint Petersburg.



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