BMW 6 Series Overview

One of the most popular full-size luxury cars on the road today is the BMW 6 Series. That is why we here at Bert Smith BMW of Saint Petersburg are so excited about the arrival of the latest models.

One model of the BMW 6 Series has upwards of 590 ft.-lb. of torque. This means that this luxury car will literally jump at the road before it with even the lightest touch of the gas pedal. Additionally, power will never be an issue while you're driving this car. The BMW 6 Series has options topping out at an impressive 600 horsepower making this car incredibly fun to drive.

?If you would like to take a test drive in a new BMW 6 Series to see and experience these magnificent features for yourself, then feel free to stop by to see us at Bert Smith BMW located right here in Saint Petersburg at your earliest available time.



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