See What the BMW 7 Series Offers

Luxury vehicle owners appreciate the style and elegance that comes with the BMW. The latest 7 Series models do not disappoint. However, luxury does not mean a lack of power. The full-sized sedans come with your choice of an inline V6 or a turbocharged V12. Simply choose the amount of muscle you want. The advanced technology ensures you get the smoothest ride possible thanks to the internal mechanisms that automatically adapt to your driving habits, road conditions and navigation needs.

The grilles on the 7 Series are designed for more than just stylish looks. A series of flaps hide behind the grille and open or close to provide more or less air to the engine when needed. On the interior, the Diamond stereo system provides the best surround sound experience possible. See the extensive selection of features the 7 Series BMW has to offer at Bert Smith BMW today.

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