The Telltale Signs Your Exhaust Is Leaky

Problems with a vehicle's exhaust can develop gradually over time or seem to happen suddenly, depending on the nature of the failure. Exhaust pipes and mufflers corrode over time and can get louder as small holes develop, or your muffler can fall off and make your car sound like it's on a racetrack.

Usually, a car owner can detect exhaust system failures before they happen by paying attention for a few telltale signs. The most obvious sign is increased noise from your exhaust system, which can include hissing, popping, and engine noise. You'll also notice a loss of fuel economy and vibration.

At Bert Smith BMW, our automotive technicians can help you with any exhaust system maintenance your vehicle may need. Bring it to our service center in Saint Petersburg today or schedule an appointment, and they'll help you with any questions you may have.

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