Changing Your Oil Doesn't Have to Be Such a Drain on Your Pocket

If it seems like you're changing your oil all the time, Bert Smith BMW in Saint Petersburg may have great news for you. Due to developments over the last couple of decades, cars are now able to change their oil at around 7,500 miles. If you're uncertain as to how often you should change the oil, you can always give us a call, or check your owner’s manual. Checking the oil too often can actually do more harm than good.

You might be wondering how it could harm your vehicle to change the oil. The first thing is that you're causing unnecessary pollution by having oil disposed of more often than necessary. Second, exposing the engine and other car parts to the elements can cause corrosion. If you're needing service, or soon will be, contact our expert technicians at Bert Smith BMW in Saint Petersburg. Also, be sure to check out our great selection of new vehicles arriving daily.

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