Brake Fluid Makes Brakes Actually Brake

To say the brakes on a car are critically important for safely operating a vehicle would be an understatement. Brake fluid plays a large role in how these parts work. So, what exactly is brake fluid?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid designed to create the necessary pressure to stop a car. Specifically, brake fluid pressure causes the brake rotors to press on the brake pads which, in turn, slow and stop the wheels. Brake fluid is found inside the brake lines. The fluid runs through those lines once the brake pedals are pressed.

Brake fluid can suffer from contamination or wear down from age. Taking the vehicle in for a brake fluid service ensures quality fluid flows through the lines. Be sure to look for signs of a leak as well. Leaks compromise the safety of the brakes.

If you live in Saint Petersburg, take your car to Bert Smith BMW. We'll check out your brake lines and add new fluid if necessary.
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