Tread Wear is No Laughing Matter

Your vehicle tires provide support and traction for your car. In order to operate properly, they need to be regularly rotated and inspected for damages.

Regular tire rotations can prevent the appearance of uneven tread wear. Under normal circumstances, well-balanced tires wear out evenly and slowly. In contrast to this, poorly balanced or inflated tires can develop areas of abnormal wear. This kind damage can cause tires to lose traction at key moments, and may even contribute to complete tire failures.

Tire rotations prevent the onset of uneven tread wear. By rotating tires on regular time schedules, you can even out the areas of wear and promote greater road-safety.

Here at our facility in the Saint Petersburg area, our certified suspension system experts can give your tires quick and timely tire rotations. In addition to rotations, our specialists can diagnose and repair other suspension system issues. For more information, swing by Bert Smith BMW today for a no-obligation conversation.

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