Horsepower - Your BMW Has Plenty Of It, But Where Does the Word Come From Itself?


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If you are a proud BMW owner, then surely you have fallen in love with the amazing levels of performance and the adrenaline-inspiring levels of horsepower that your car possesses. Here at Bert Smith BMW, we are taking just a moment to explain the cool story behind where this word actually comes from and originates!

The word horsepower was invented by James Watt. His intention was to use it as a marketing tool to help sell his new steam engines to the owners of coal mines. Today, the term is used to describe the power of an engine and has proven to be a valuable communication tool for vehicle dealers and consumers, but you already knew that.

Watt knew that it was going to be difficult to convince mine owners to switch from using horses to his new engine. He devised a plan to show his potential customers that his engines were just as efficient and effective as live horses. So, Watt therefore studied carefully as the horses hauled coal from the mine. He developed a mathematical formula that stated that one horse could pull about 33,000 pounds about one mile in a minute. This measurement unit became known as horsepower.

And we still use the word horsepower as a way to define the amount of power an engine is capable of producing to this very day. Get in contact with us here at Bert Smith BMW to learn more about horsepower and the thrilling new BMW models in our showroom!

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